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Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence


Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence

In the unfortunate event that your case involves domestic violence and/or substance abuse, a restraining order may be necessary to protect the client and/or the minor children.  The Orange County Superior Court takes domestic violence proceedings very seriously, and our courts give these matters priority.

Mr. Dickerson takes care to thoroughly discuss all options available to our client in determining whether to pursue a domestic violence application.  We vigorously advocate for our clients and the involved children to obtain the appropriate restraining orders and protections.  

Further, we adamantly defend our clients against tactics where the opposing party is unjustifiably utilizing a domestic violence action to better his or her child custody case.  We work to enforce all available remedies for our clients against those who falsely claim domestic violence.

In cases of substance abuse that does not rise to the level of domestic violence, we seek the appropriate injunctive orders to restrict drug or alcohol use in ways that would affect the well-being and safety minor children.