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Child Support

California Child Support


Child Support

Child support becomes an issue for couples that have minor children.  Whether the parents are dealing with a divorce action (dissolution of their marriage) or a paternity case (issues surrounding unmarried adults with children), child support is an issue that requires expert legal guidance.  

In the State of California, we have Uniform Child Support, which uses a variety of factors and various computer programs to calculate the California Child Support Guideline figures.  There are very few circumstances that cause the court to vary from the Guideline, but expert guidance is required to appropriately calculate the income of the parents.

In cases where only W2 income is involved, the calculation of the Child Support Guideline is quite simple.  However, for self-employed persons, people earning income from sources other than W2 income, and in cases where there are fringe benefits, the calculation of the parent’s income becomes more intricate.  This calculation, also known as the Income Available for Support, is an essential in determining a parent’s child support payments.

At the Law Office of Shawn Dickerson, we are skilled at calculating the Income Available for Support. Whether our clients are the “payor” or the “recipient,” we have a proven history of obtaining the best possible results.

In addition to representing our clients and determining initial Child Support Guideline orders, we are also experts in enforcement of child support orders and collection of child support.