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Many divorcing couples anticipate a long and costly battle.  When it's finally over, they feel exhausted, with heartbroken and confused children.  There is good news, and that is that divorce doesn't have to be a battle.  It can be a settlement negotiated by the couple themselves through a mediator.  The mediator is a neutral third party will assist in facilitating a fair and equitable resolution of the issues.  Mediation helps people examine their situation in terms of their needs and interests. Relevant information is gathered which may include budgets, business records, tax returns, and property valuations.  Settlement options are developed and discussed to be sure they fairly meet everyone's goals.  Decisions are made which allow each person to realize a positive result.  Mediation is often concluded in less time than it takes to litigate, and is cost effective in comparison to litigation. 

Mediation often empowers parties as it keeps the matter out of court, and in the hands of the parties.  The parties, not the Court, come to resolutions and maintain decision making power in their case.  Mediation is confidential, and if the issues are not resolved within the mediation process, the parties always have the option to litigate those issues.