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Our firm specializes in all family law matters, from mediation to complicated divorces. Whether your matter involves a custody battle, a domestic violence situation, or a complex divorce, we will We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case in order to support to your individual needs and concerns. Divorce and family law matters are often contentious and delicate issues, especially when child custody and property division issues arise. Our philosophy is one of understanding and excellence; to understand the underlying relationship and the breakdown thereof while striving to deliver excellent legal services to our clients. Emotions and feelings are oftentimes intertwined in family law cases, which require an attorney with the skill, patience and understanding in handling these matters. 

Attorney Shawn Dickerson has extensive experience in the areas of family law, bankruptcy, trust, probate and estate litigation as well as establishing and litigating conservatorships and guardianships.  

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Areas of Practice


Everyone should have an estate plan. Even modest estates are better planned through the use of a Will and possibly a Trust. Whatever your situation, your planning should be reviewed periodically to reflect changes in your personal circumstance as well as changes in the law.


If you’re considering bankruptcy, you are most likely under a lot of stress and uncertainty.  The bills are piling up, payments are past due, and the daily phone calls from creditors have become overwhelming and harassing. For many, the experience of facing bankruptcy is unlike anything they have encountered before. Mr. Dickerson provides Bankruptcy services in Chapter 7 and 13 matters and will guide you through the process of debt relief.


Are you concerned about the welfare of a child or adult who cannot manage their own affairs? Sometimes, because of unforeseen circumstances, children lose their parents, or adults are unable to manage their own affairs due to disability, someone needs to step in and help. Mr. Dickerson can help an individual who is seeking to become a Guardian or Conservator. Having a Guardian or Conservator means that many significant rights are taken away from that person. Attorney Dickerson can help advocate on behalf of an individual to protect their rights and ensure that a Conservator or Guardian is necessary, that a Conservator or Guardian only has powers that are truly needed to help the individual, or to prevent abuse by a Guardian or Conservator.


Mr. Dickerson specializes in all aspects of family law litigation including Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody and Visitation, Spousal Support, Move-Aways, Paternity Actions, Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders and Legal Separation. Our office also provides family law services such as Post-Nuptial Agreements, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Co-Habitation Agreements, and Domestic Violence Actions. 


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