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What is my spouse is cheating?

What if my spouse is having an affair?

If your spouse is cheating and you have questions about how it may affect your finances or child custody, get help by calling our office or initiate a chat using the chat box below. We will tell you exactly what to do next to get the best possible outcome. 

There is no legal effect on the marriage if your spouse is having an affair. You can still obtain a divorce as California is a “no fault” state, meaning no fault has to be proven to seek a divorce.  If you can prove it, you can ask for the court to reimburse the community for money spent on the affair, for example jewelry, restaurant outings, etc. You may think that marital misconduct is reason to automatically receive alimony, or as known in California as spousal support.  However, this is not the case.  The judge does have discretion whether to award spousal support during and after the marriage based on a variety of factors, but cheating is not one of them in California.

There is only one way to guarantee the best outcome for your situation. Call our office today or contact us online.