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Chapter 7


Sometimes as a result of a divorce, illness, or loss of a job, debt can accumulate to the point where it is not manageable. Those who are in this situation know all too well the incessant phone calls from bill collectors, wage garnishments, and threats of foreclosures.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can discharge these types of unsecured debts and help you establish a fresh financial start.  Other examples of unsecured debt include medical bills, personal loans, payday loans, and credit cards.  By filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your creditors must stop contacting you and cease collection activities, including court actions and levies. 

Our office offers a free and confidential consultation. We will ask you about your financial situation and the nature and amount of your debts and your household income.  As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Dickerson will discuss with you the various options that may be available to you and explain the bankruptcy process.  Once you begin the bankruptcy process with our office, you can refer all your creditor calls to us so you can be relieved of  incessant collection calls that can be very disruptive to your daily life.